This is a no brainer folks….here is an easy way to receive an

    easy $20.00 for FREE


(*At the moment this is ONLY for United States residents)

    easy $20.00 for FREE

I received my card and tested this out myself.  This TRULY does work folks! 
Follow these simple steps to get started today:

1.)  Click HERE and ”Open an account” for FREE:

Please use the following “Referral Code” when asked:   9497365179

2.)  You will receive your NetSpend “Visa” Debit card within 10 business days.  I received mine in 3:

easy $20.00 for FREE.

3.)  Once you receive your card, simply log into your NetSpend backoffice and activate it.

4.)  Load the card with a minimum of $40.00 using PayPal or one of their MANY other options.  You need to load the card with $40 to receive the easy $20 for free.

5.)  Once you load the $40.00, NetSpend will add $20.00 to your available balance on the card.  I confirmed this myself with my own card.
6.) Go to your bank and withdraw the $60.00 total from your card or spend the funds at your local store, online, or wherever you can use a credit card. I bought more positions from JustBeenPaid JSS Tripler and Get your First $10 Position for FREE or you can sign up with EmpowerNetwork with 100% Commissions and Get $25 for FREE ! !

Join AlertPay Here:easy $20 for FREE
or join SolidTrustPay at SolidTrust Pay

Want to receive more than $20.00 for FREE? Just refer other folks like I am doing and receive “ANOTHER” $20.00 for each person that signs up, activates, and loads their card!

Questions?  Click HERE, then click on the link “Learn more about the NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card”

This is super easy folks!  I signed up on April 12th, received my card on April 16th, transferred $40 to my card from my PayPal account on the 18th, the funds hit my account on the 19th, and I successfully bought $60 worth of bids at Zeek Rewards on the 20th.
This will only take a few minutes of your time to complete, and if you buy something with the card online, you can complete the entire process from home.

Here is a testimonial from one of my contacts:


Jeff here again.  You might already be aware of it, before I had the chance to send you this e-mail (as I believe NetSpend may have notified you that you’ve received a $20 referral bonus for a deposit I made today).   But I followed your advice, and applied for a NetSpendMastercard debit card through the link you supplied me.

After the NetSpend e-mail, telling me my card had been mailed, I received the card on Thursday or Friday of last week.   I registered the card online on Friday.  Today I deposited $60 onto my card through the website.  What a pleasant surprise to see $20 more added to my amount, bringing the total of my card’s present line of credit to $80, just like you said they would.  I received a message from NetSpend, telling me you received $20 as well because you referred me to this company.

    easy $20.00 for FREE


You were so right about this offer.  This is the easiest way I’ve ever “earned” $20, and as you said, there are no hidden (or endless) qualifiers you have to fulfill in order to receive the money.  Additionally, I have linked my bank account to the card, so I can transfer funds to it in a cinch.  I know you are already aware of the security issues online.  So, instead of me using my bank account info to pay bills or make purchases, I just transfer the funds to my NetSpend card.  Then when I use the card, my bank account info is protected, because the card conducts transactions through its own issuer (Metabank).  I really like the extra layer of security this card offers me by using it this way.

 I just wanted to say, thank you Will.   It is most satisfying to see both of us benefit from an offer like this.  I’m grateful you shared this with me, and continue to trust your integrity.  Wishing you a great week ahead.


Again, this is super easy folks…no gotchas or funny business or shenanigans with this one.  Thanks,     Ryan

4 Responses to “NetSpend”

    1. easy $20 for FREE Scott Willett says:


      Can I advertise the NetSpend Visa Prepaid card on my own site? Do I become an affiliate, or do I promote your URL and how do I get paid then.
      Finally, I will also be joining That Free Thing in the next week. Looking forward to working with you. Can we talk for a few minutes tomorrow to strategize? I am available all day except 9:15-me noon CST. Let me kow if you want to call me or if I should call you and at what number. Thanks!

      Yours truly,

    2. Hey Scott, you can definitely advertise the NetSpend opportunity on your own site or anywhere else. You would need to sign up for a card with my code first. Then once you sign up, you will get your own code that you would use on your site. You would get paid $20 once any of your referrals loads their card with $40.

      With JSS Tripler, you can get paid every day or every week ongoing. As you begin to compound your earnings (you decide how much you want to compound), you will eventually get to $400 per week. At that point, you would get paid that ongoing. The more you get started with, the faster you will get to that point. The concept was developed over about 2 years, and then went live last April. They have been consistently paying within about 48 hrs of your withdrawal. Click Here for the payment proof videos, an easy signup link, the FAQ and links to the Daily Web Conference and the Web Success Forum where you can post your proof of payments

      You can contact me anytime.


    3. easy $20 for FREE Arijit says:

      Hi Ryan,

      Will it work from Australia?


    4. Hey Arijit, this is ONLY available in the USA right now as I mentioned at the top of the page.